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Can one spouse take property purchased by the other spouse's parents as a gift to the children?

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My son and his wife are separating. They had their first child prior to marriage and during that time, we purchased a set of beds for the child's room. Now his wife is moving out and wants to take the furniture that we bought and leave nothing for when the children are with their father. Is there a way he or we assure that what we bought stays with him?

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The beds were given as a gift and therefore, owned by the parties. As such, they are subject to equitable distribution in the divorce. I would have his lawyer deal with this issue directly with your soon to be ex daughter in law.

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If you don't already have a lawyer, hire one to help you. The law is complex and there may be things that can be done that you didn't know about. Good luck!

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Unfortunately, the beds were a gift to the marriage, both parents. Usually the children's belongings follow the children to minimize the affects on them. Have your son contact his attorney or have him retain one.

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