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Can one be charged with the party to a crime if the actual crime?

Duluth, MN |

I need an answer for being a party of the crime, My son is incarcerated at this time for a Po violation, while being incarcerated he had received a call from the County Court house stating he was to be in court in ten minutes, and asked if he needed an attorney? Not knowing what the need to go to court was… when he got to the court he was being charged to the party of the crime of theft, but he was never charged like read your writes charged, the person that actually committed the crime is not being charged…Why? She also has charges that she has never been held accountable for because she is the ex- Assistant Chief of polices daughter. She had got in trouble in 2011 and was to go one year with without any incidents well she has had 4, and that does not include the shoplifting charges she had in
Florida her cousin received a paper the other day that she had completed a year without incident or use of any drugs… Really, 1 battery charge that being her second, 1 forgery, 1 paraphernalia charge, and 1 disorderly conduct, and not being accountable for the actual theft. There is favoritism & corruption, and I feel like at times I am watching a bad movie, because I know the truth, I’ve lived it for two years, and yes my son is incarcerated, and being held accountable, I have no problem with that, I know he will be waking up in the morning, I know he is in a safe place, but to keep putting him through hell “excuse my word” is something that needs to stop…. And there is a whole lot more to this issue. I would appreciate any advice on this issues we face every day.

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I am afraid the case would have to be reviewed in its entirety to determine defenses and procedures . Certainly, the charge is significant. Your son should retain legal counsel.

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It sounds like you may nee d to consult legal counsel. From your post it is unclear if there is a specific question. The charges against your son are separate and distinct from any charges that may be filed against the other party in the case.

These statements do not constitute legal advice. They are meant to be general in nature, for any specific legal questions you should always seek the counsel of an experienced attorney.

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It is not clear what question is being asked here, or was intended. Perhaps if you call a criminal lawyer on the phone, a dialogue would help develop the question.

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