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Can no longer make payments on motorhome, what happens if it's repo ed?

Lady Lake, FL |

We are retired Florida residents, have had the motorhome for 6 yrs, we are now in financial difficulites due to illness and can no longer make the payments on the motorhome. We owe 70,000 on it. Our credit is excellent. The bank who has the loan in California. If the bank repos the rv what can happen to us?? Can the bank take our house? car? our smalll savings?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. If the bank repos the RV, they will sell it, and if the sales price does not cover the outstanding balance of the loan (plus repo fees, etc.) there will be a deficiency. The bank can then seek a deficiency judgment against you in court, and then seek to take other assets from you. They can take your car if you own it free and clear. They cannot take your house, but they can put a judgment lien on your home. Talk with your lender about your situation, and consult with an attorney.