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Can my wife sue for medical malpractice if she felt e pain from her c section?

Stockbridge, GA |

My wife recieved an epidural and the anesthesiologist said she would not feel pain at all. She felt pain and even screamed when the doctor took the gas off of her face. The anesthesiologist asked if she was sure if she couldn't take the pain and still didn't put her under after she replied no. They also spilled medicine in her eye she is very distraught because this is our first child and she will forever have this memory

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  1. I'm sorry that your wife had such a terrible experience. The doctor may well have committed malpractice, but one issue is going to be the extent of your wife's damages. Medical malpractice cases are difficult and expensive. I suggest you consult with a local medical malpractice case and that you and your wife be prepared to set forth in detail each and every way in which your wife was damaged. I hope this helps. Good luck.

  2. Without damages, a lawsuit would likely cost thousands more than would be recovered, but have a local malpractice lawyer investigate

  3. The lawsuit would probably cost more than would be recovered, but certainly call a local attorney to speak about it

  4. Unless she suffered from a significant long term injury, it is not worth pursuing.

  5. A lot of people think that we need tort reform for frivolous lawsuits. However, as you can see from the preceding answers that unless there is a permanent injury and/or substantial medical bills, even assuming clear liability, many times, its impossible for someone who is injured to get any redress.

    However, nothing can substitute for the advice of a lawyer in the jurisdiction where the incident happened.

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