Can my step dauther take over my house without my consent, how do i get her out of my house, so i can raise my dauther there

Now my step dauther has moved into my house which was awarded to her mother in the final divorce decree, also her mother was ordered by the courts to impose an encumbrance for owelty of partition which she never complied with, I want to know what are my legal writes in this case, who do I need to talk to, and what do I need to do next

Houston, TX -

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D. Paul Dalton

D. Paul Dalton

Litigation Lawyer - Irving, TX

How is it your house if it was awarded to your ex- wife? Doesn't make sense. Can't understand what right you have to possession.

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Bruce Campbell Zivley

Bruce Campbell Zivley

Family Law Attorney - Houston, TX

If the home was awarded to your ex in the cddivorce decree, then you have no say in who she allows to live there. As for the owelty of partition, that paperwork should have been done along with the decree when the case was being finalized. Did you have an attorney? If so, then you should contact them and ask that the proper paerwork be completed and filed with the real property records. I have attached a link to my website, containing my contact information. Call me if you want to discuss this matter further.

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