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Can my soon to be son's father take our child after he is born and raise him until i turn 18? he is only going to be 17, i am 17

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we are still together and both under the age of 18. i'll be 18 before him. he only has one pack of diapers and one tub of formula, i have everything- crib, car seat, changing table, diapers, clothes (up to 9 months), bottles, pump, pretty much the whole shebang. i want him to be a part of our son's life, but i'm the mom and i plan to breastfeed. He had a troubled past that's on record and mine is completely clean.

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Domestic Relations and child custody cases are very dependant on the law in each state and the way each county judge may approach your particular case. Perhaps no other area of law is so peculiarly local as this is. Because of that, you really should talk to a local attorney to find out what your rights are, what the law says, what the local judge's approach may be, and what you can and can not do in your situation. This is also the one area of law where a decision made today can have very long-term consequences so it is important that you have your side heard and considered. You need to talk to a local Domestic Relations attorney who deals with your kind of case on a regular basis in your local court. You can call your local attorney's Bar Association and ask for a referral to a Domestic Relations attorney near you or look for one under the Find a Lawyer tab at But act quickly because custody and DR problems can’t be ignored, and there is a time limit on all legal rights, so don't waste your time getting to a Domestic Relations attorney and finding out what your rights are. If this answer was helpful, please give a “Vote UP” review below. And be sure to indicate the best answer to your question so we can all be sure we are being helpful. Thanks for asking and Good Luck. Ron Burdge,

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This answer is for general purposes only and does not establish an attorney-client relationship. The law in your state may differ and your best answer will always come from a local attorney that you meet with privately. For a Free Online 50 State National List of Consumer Law Lawyers, click on this link ( and find one near you


Until he goes to court and becomes legally adjudicated, he has no legal rights whatsoever to your child. He cannot take him anywhere without your consent or without court orders.

Ronald Lee Burdge

Ronald Lee Burdge


If you end up needing to talk to an attorney, you should call Teri's office and set up a phone or in person conference to get all your questions answered. A modest consultation fee for her time would be well worth it.


If you are breastfeeding, Courts normally award a father only short, frequent periods of placement because of the need for a regular birthing schedule. It sounds as though he is attempting to manipulate you. If you both go to court for an adjudication of paternity while you are minors, the Court will appoint a guardian ad Litem for each of you parents. The Guardian ad Litem would recommend to the court a schedule that is in both your best interests, not necessarily what you would want. You would also have your right to adversary counsel. However, prior to an adjudication of paternity, he has no legal right to your child.

Ronald Lee Burdge

Ronald Lee Burdge


Jane has given you solid advice. Listen to her.

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