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Can my son's father terminate his parental rights?

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My exhusband has picked up my son for Wednesdays and every other weekend for 10 years, he also pays child support. He does not interact with him when he is there such as communication, watching tv, going places, or eating together. My son recently told him he is not a good dad. He got very angry and told him his step dad can be his dad and that he will never see him again. He called his attorney the next day and told him he wants to terminate his parental rights for my son, and his lawyer wants to know if I will agree. My son does not want to see him. Will the court terminate his parental rights? Will he be free of my son and child support?

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Does your husband want to adopt him? If so, the court will terminate the bio. father's parental rights. It is a long process. It is not inexpensive. The step-father must have a criminal background check, there will be a social study (the fee is based on your family's income), and an attorney will be appointed by the judge to make sure that your son wants to be adopted.

It appears that you are in Harris County. The courts take terminations very seriously. I've written about this topic on my blog ( You will need an attorney to represent you. Do not attempt to do this without an experienced family law attorney to guide you through this process. I recommend looking on this website for an attorney. Good luck. Merry Christmas!

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I agree with what Fran has stated in her response. I have a good deal of experince in handling step parent adoptions. The whole process should take 4 to 6 months to complete. If your ex is willing to sign a Voluntary Relinquishment of Parental Rights, then the likelihood of the adoption eventually being approved is high. I have attached a link to my website containing my contact information in the event that you want to visit further about this process.

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