Can my son be legally excused from repaying debt to the college & for Loans when he suffered from a mental breakdown??

Asked 10 months ago - Indianapolis, IN

He attended a community college (did very well) b4 transferring credits and attending IU Bloomington. The first semester there his grades significantly dropped. Upon return after Winter Break he stopped attending classes after the second week (unbeknown to me). The 4th week, he informed me he was coming home. Once home he told me he was experiencing nightmares & flashbacks to when he was molested by neighbors who watched him while I worked. He was age 2 - 4. We have been unable to get him insured for treatment. He has been to the ER twice for an anxiety attack & suicidal thoughts & cutting himself. He owes the school directly for room & board when he was NOT attending classes the second semester. Also owes for student loans. He has been UNABLE to maintain employment due to his issues.

Additional information

He owes $ 4200 to IU BLoomington and $2000 for Unsubsidized student loan.

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  1. Golnar Sargeant

    Contributor Level 19

    Answered . Get a consultation with an attorney. Bankruptcy does not discharge student debt, but I believe there is a mechanism by which he can be excused from paying if he is so severely disabled that he can not work. Someone knowledgeable about debtor's rights would be helpful.

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