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Can my roomate turn off the power to my room?

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We are going thru a break up and until my new home is ready two weeks from now . I've moved into the guest room/office where I also work my job. I paid my part of the rent for the month and half the utility bill she Just paid and now she is threatening to come in here right now and shut off my breaker.and I am working. The electric is in her name. I know this is just a way to continue to bully me but is it legal?? And if not...what can I do if she follows thru? I dont want to pay her again..she hasnt even received a bill as she just paid the last one..Help!

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    No, the roommate cannot turn off power to your room.
    Is the roommate the property owner or a fellow tenant?

    If the property owner turns off the power, you can demand triple rent for the amount
    of time that the utility is off.

  2. As has been said before, the breaker can't be flipped by the landlord or the roommate cutting off your utilities.

    Assuming the roommate is doing this despite you paying them for utilities, the recourse would be to sue the roommate for the pro rata share of utilities you paid which they are withholding improperly. Also try talking to the roommate to resolve the problem which is, at this point, seemingly small compared to the way it will appear once it gets before any decider of fact.

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  3. You have the answer to your question. Now practically, stay away from your roomate as best you can, or find another place to stay. Domestic issues can get messy and you can wind up in jail over nonsense.

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