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Can my probation officer extend my probation?

Erie, PA |

I was put on probation on November 23rd, 2011, a sentence of probation that was deemed to last six months, and I recently missed a meeting with my probation officer, to which she responded by showing up at my house within a few hours following the missed appointment, and told me she'd rescheduled my meeting with her to the 24th of this month. I got a letter that said it was just rescheduled, with no court order to re-evaluated over my violation, and now she is saying that I still have another month of probation. According to the 'six months probation' sentence, I should be done on May 23rd. I have not paid off all of my fines, but I was told that I could be released before I was done, as long as I kept paying them off. How much of this is true and when should i be released from probation?

I had also gone in to check, and on my files, the release date from probation still says "The 23rd of may." I wasn't sure if that meant it was still set for that or otherwise. I just figured that may or may not help determine your answers. I'd like to ask that if you respond, you are alright to tell me "You're lucky she didn't set a hearing to re-evaluate your probation," so long as the question at hand still get answered, please. Thank you for your time!

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  1. Your lucky she isn't locking you up for a violation. Be happy with that, and comply with all of the terms of probation and eventually the case will close.

  2. Mr. Klein has always seemed to be a very professional and very experienced attorney. I believe that your comments are unwarranted. You could be locked up for a technical violation, which would last until you went before a Judge/state parole board, they had a Gagnon hearing and the Judge/state parole board decided whether to revoke your probation. Technically, it is not the officer's decision whether to extend probation. However, if she decided that she wanted to recommend that it be revoked, you would be facing much more than an extra month of probation-you would be facing jail.

    Michael L. Doyle
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