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Can my probation officer drug test me?

Meadville, PA |

I had a DUI and on the day of my court day (before I met my PO) I answered a bunch of questions in the probation office and they DID NOT check the box that says urinalysis. Upon meeting my PO, the conditions of my probation were to pay my fine (done), attend alcohol highway safety classes (done), give up my license for 60 days (gave it up Jan 3), and go to a drug and alcohol eval (did this today). The lady at the evaluation said my PO is a stickler and I'm worried he'll drug test me. If he were to come to my house would he do a drug test or just an alcohol test? What are the chances he comes to my house for a urinalysis?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. The more likely scenario is for your PO to request that you submit to urine drug screening during your visits in their office rather than coming to your home to do it. One of the reasons is obvious. Do you really think that your PO wants to transport urine samples in their car?

    If your PO is setting unreasonable conditions on your probation, you can always seek legal counsel and ask the court for some relief.

    Best of luck.

    John Buckley

  2. Testing is usually performed during your visits. However, I am aware of a PO here where I practice who shows up at peoples homes to administer breathalyzers to his probationers.

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