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Can my probation be concurrent?

Marietta, GA |
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I am currently on first offenders probation for 3 years in Cobb county, I have been on probation for only 1 year...before II got on probation I was arrested months before in Fulton county and the case is just now being heard. The prosecutor is wanting to give me 1 year probation under first is it possible to be on probation in my home county with both cases under first offender?

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    Yes. It is possible for your probations to run concurrent, or at the same time as one another. However, you can only use your first offender once. You may be pleaing guilty under a different statute like conditional discharge assuming it is a drug or alcohol related charge, but otherwise you may want to consult with an attorney to help you with this matter. Let me know if I can help.

  2. If these criminal cases occurred in Maryland the answer would be yes the probations can be concurrent. Contact an experieced criminal defense attorney to negotiate this for you.

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  3. The probations can run concurrently, but you can't be a First Offender again. The Fulton prosecutor probably doesn't know about your Cobb First Offender because, well, because it's Fulton County. The GBI would catch it when Fulton tried to add a second First Offender to your criminal history. Long story short, if you plea in Fulton you will become a convicted felon.

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  4. You can only use F/O once.

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  5. You can't use the first offender option on the upcoming case. However, if the pending case is a drug case, you can use the conditional discharge statute. IF USED PROPERLY, the first offender and conditional discharge statutes give you two bites at the apple and a chance to avoid being a convicted felon. Hire local counsel quickly! Good luck.

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