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Can my mom put me somewhere? like Juvi, ill explain more in the details box

Crossnore, NC |

I am not breaking the law, in any way. Im not doing drugs. Im going to school everyday. My mom thinks she can put me somewhere for being "smart" towards her? I read somewhere that if you were age 16 or older and have never been in trouble with the law then you couldn't be placed someplace like that.. please help me figure this out. I really need to show her what you guys said.. Thanks a lot. I appreciate your time

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There are lots parents who place their children (against that child's wishes) in special homes and schools for "troubled youth." Your parents have dominion over you until you reach the age of eighteen. However, a child cannot be "placed" in juvenile detention as "Juvi" is just for underage convicted offenders.

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The news is good and bad. My colleague is correct that you cannot go to juvenile detention unless there is a legal reason. That could be as little as a runaway or truancy, or a big as a crime. However, you are a minor. Your parents has the authority and control over, both physically and at law. There are private homes and schools that are used for teen who have trouble getting along with family members that the parent can send you to. If placed in such a facility, "acting out" could, depending on the rules of the facility, send you to a juvenile court. As a minor, you have few options.

This answer addresses only general circumstances and is not intended to be actual legal advise. Before acting on this or any other information, please consult an attorney directly.

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