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Can my lawyer still negotiate a better deal for me after the pre trial hearing and before or during the pre trial bring back?

Philadelphia, PA |

My private lawyer was not paid in time to go to the pre trial hearing and I ended up with a public defender who doesn't seem to care. Can my private attorney still negotiate a better deal for me before or during the pre trial bring back?

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    It sounds as if this is a SMART Room offer. In Philadelphia, the DA's office has been giving early offers that they hold out as the best offer that they will provide. It often depends upon the case whether the offers will get better or worse. If they feel that they have a strong case and start preparing for trial, they may no longer wish to provide that same offer as they have put more work into it. If there are large holes in the case, the offer may get better.

    Michael L. Doyle

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  2. Yes! Pay your lawyer!

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  3. Your attorney can continue to negotiate throughout the process. Call your attorney and discuss the issues. Good luck.

  4. Absolutely, as my colleagues have said, your lawyer can negotiate a deal throughout the process. However, keep in mind depending on the county there are certain stages of the process were you will get your best deal. For example, at the formal arraignment.

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