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Can my lawyer refuse to get me a ledger from my car insurance company

Salem, MA |

he doesn't wanna fight for my medicals which is about 32 thousand for me and my 3 other fam members in this car accident i just want to veryfie that in fact no medicals have been paid out i cant get it my self cause i gave him my right to represent me so my insurace cant even talk to me about this case my lawyer told me to take it to small claims or something because no lawyer is gonna take my case on medicals

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    You can retain a new attorney. Make sure the lawyer negotiates your medical bills down to pennies on the dollar before you sign a release, otherwise the lawyer has no incentive to do so after he gets his fee.

  2. You can fire your attorney, ask for a copy of your file, and have your case reviewed by another attorney. You should also check to see if Personal Injury Protection coverage is available to you and your family. A new attorney reviewing the case will want to know the property damage of the vehicle, whether there is any liability dispute as to how the accident happened, the medical providers you saw after the accident, what type of injuries you sustained as a result of the accident, if you have any pre-existing injuries, and how you are doing now. Good Luck.

  3. You can certainly discharge your attorney and negotiate the medical bills down quite a bit using another lawyer or on your own.

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  4. Your question does not readily make sense but the reason is that yes, your attorney would see to it that you know what is paid, and inferentially whether there is a lien on your accident case by a health care insurer, and it is hard to fathom why you would have to ask. It is not a matter of Small Claims court; it is a Superior court type case with medical bills of that size.
    Bob Flynn

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