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Can my lawyer have my probation violated because i can't pay him the $500 he is requesting me to pay?

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My probation was violated in PA, but I live in NC. I retained a lawyer in PA. At the hearing in PA, he didn't do anything except state his name and ID#, the judge asked me a series of questions and I answered them. The judge did violate my probation, but didn't place me in jail. Now, 4 months later, this lawyer is saying that if I do not pay him $500 in two weeks, he is going to have me violated for not paying him. I paid him $200 to appear in court, now he wants $500 more and that is not what we agreed on.

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Lawyers shouldn't be threatening their clients. Especially if you've already paid the amount you agreed upon. Talk to the attorney and find out why he wants the $500 that you did not agree upon. In CA, the local bar associations often handle attorney-client fee disputes. Might be similar in PA. Best of luck.



He sent me a letter saying that the court has asked him to fill out a form after that hearing and that he can not fill it out unless I pay him $500. If he doesn't receive the $500 he wont fill out the paperwork and says that the probation office in PA will violate me.


Absolutely not! Contact the attorney in PA and try to speak with him (he may not elect to take your phone call but hopefully will if he thinks you are calling about the payment). Ask to find out what exactly you are being violated for. In NC, there are certain steps attorney must follow if there is some kind of fee dispute. There may be the same in PA. You may want to check the internet and search for "fee disputes Pennsylvania State Bar". Best of luck!

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No. Failure to pay legal fees is not a violation of probation. But he can sue you.

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