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Can my landlord show up unannounced?

Selma, NC |

We've been renting for a year and a half and our landlord keeps showing up unannounced (Usually about 2-4 times a month). He doesn't call prior to his arrival, but he makes his secretary call us to tell us to open the door after he has given up knocking on the door. We aren't trying to avoid him, but sometimes, when he comes over, it's a bad time and I'm not prepared. Can he do this? Isn't he supposed to give some kind of notice before coming over?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Look at your lease. It should have a provision stating when the landlord can come...unannounced is almost never ok. If there is no provision, the law tells the parties to act reasonably. Showing up unannounced is not reasonable. You should write a letter to your landlord and explain that you will allow entry at reasonable times with proper advance notice.