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Can my landlord of my apartment complex let the US marshalls and the local police search my home without me being here?

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My boyfriend recently lived with me back in March.....he has a warrant for his arrest and the last known address is mine..I was not at home the time when the Us Marshalls and the local police came in my apartment to search for him.....My landlord open the door for them...I would not have known about this incident if my neighbors would not have seen this happen..They tore my closets apart in my hallways and tore clothes out of my closet in my bedroom,also some of my daughter toys were moved around in her room..I went downstairs to confront the landlord about this situation,,,,,she advised me that the US marshalls was looking for my boyfriend and she knows he doesnt live with me but she just could not refuse them because US marshalls are above the local police?i need to know my rights?please

please dont send answers to my email...because I forgot my password to my email address...

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Generally speaking, iIf the Marshals had a warrant to search the premises for him or to search it generally, the landlord could have be required to let them in.

Also generally speaking, without a warrant, the landlord should not have let them in, and the marshals should not have gone in.

However, there may be a number of specific circumstances about what the marshals did or did not know, or thought they knew, that would affect the legality of a search like this. If the police think that you were hiding him, you could be under suspicion. You should consider talking to an attorney sooner rather than later.

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