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Can my landlord not renew my lease, if i am a good tenent

Tempe, AZ |
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My lease is up at the end of march 2013, i have lived here since 2009. i pay my rent every month on time, no complaints, i wanted to renew my lease and they said i cant, they gave me notice not to renew your lease. i thought i did something wrong, but when i went over to talk to the landlord she stated that i did not do anything wrong, that the owner look and see who has been here the longest and what apt. need renovated, i ask can i move in another apt. and she stated that they are not giving me that option i cant afford to move at this moment, i paid rent this month and they want me out at the end of the month. i just got the notice on the 26 or 27 of Feb. that not enough time to fine a place can u help me? PLEASE....

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The answer will depend on what the lease says about termination of the lease and lease renewal. If they gave you proper notice in accordance with the lease, then at the end of the lease term they can require you to move. It is difficult to answer your question without knowing what the lease says. You should contact a landlord tenant attorney for further assistance.

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Your landlord can elect not to renew your release as long as it complies with the landlord tenant act and your lease. Most likely, your lease indicates that either party can elect to terminate the lease at its expiration as long as notice is given before the 1st day of the last month under the lease, and if not, the lease results in a month-to-month rental. As long as the landlord does not discriminate for unlawful reasons such as a HUD violation, you can be asked to leave at the conclusion of the lease regardless of whether you were a good tenant or not.

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Just like tenants ability to rent when and where they like, a landlord can rent to whom ever he/she wants too, as long as the individual is not discriminating. You may want to review your lease regarding the end of lease and notice. Most leases will state a 30/60/90 day provision for renewing or terminating a lease. Since your lease ends March 31, notice February 26/27 would be appropriate if the lease allows for 30 day notice.

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