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Can my landlord legally restrict certain visitors from my home?

West Warwick, RI |

My son has friends that occasionally come over to play with him; there are 5 altogether. We live in a 2 family duplex, and right now there is no one living in the other unit, but the people who used to live there complained about everything, including kids AND every slight noise! (they left b/c of flood). Today, the kids were playing outside, not bothering anyone or being loud, but running around and the landlord saw them and came to my door, asking me not to let them over anymore. He cited that if anything happens to them, it's his responsibility, but I really think he just doesn't like the kids. When I first moved here, I told him one of my favorite things was the big back yard where my son could run around, and we've been here a year; now he is going to tell me this? Is that right?

AND he also told me before we moved here, he never had to talk to his tenants so often regarding complaints, but I know that's not true because one of the neighbors told us that a previous tenant actually moved out because she could not deal with the other tenants complaining about her all the time. And since I am here, I have another quick question (not related); after the most recent flood, the landlord built a cement wall around the bottom of my deck stairs, about 5 feet high (I guess he thinks it's going to keep out the water, but most people who have seen it say it won't work b/c the water rises from the ground). Anyway, the deck is one of two exits from my home, and there are no doors and no way to exit from the bottom of those deck stairs without climbing over this wall. Is that not a safety hazard?

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