Can my landlord file eviction with magistrate if I paid after notice to quit?

In March, my landlord gave me a notice to quit. After discussion with her, she agreed to me paying half immediately & half the beginning of next month. My lease is up May 1st. I had to call codes on her for not making repairs. We discussed renewing another year's lease but she's currently in foreclosure & never made repairs. On 2nd, I gave her 30-day notice of my moving out, and told her I was withholding the 1-1/2 months rent for nonrepairs. If she repaired before I moved out, I would pay her, if not I wouldn't. I just found out she filed @ magistrate on the 4th for possession. Doesn't she have to give me 10-days notice again before filing with the magistrate?

York, PA -

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Charles Thomas Jr.

Charles Thomas Jr.

Criminal Defense Attorney - West Chester, PA

Not as I understand your situation. She gave you notice to quit, and then worked something out with her. She doesn't have to give you a new notice when you renege — she already gave you one.

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