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Can my landlord evict me for paying rent 15 days late

Orlando, FL |

can my landlord kick me out of my place if i was late to pay my rent 15 days late ?can they kick me out in 24 hours like they said?

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Please do not take my answer as direct and specific legal advise to your situation or case, since I am not your hired lawyer and, therefore, there is no client-attorney relationship. You should always have a direct face-to-face consultation with a lawyer to review in-depth all the details of your case. Take my answer as general information to your question.

Whether or not your landlord can kick you out of your place if you were late to pay your rent 15 days late depends, in great part, on what your written lease says. You must read it carefully to determine if paying 15 days late is indeed a breach of the lease contract or not. In addition, if your landlord gave you an opportunity or notice to fix or "cure" the problem. The way the eviction process works I do not believe they will be able to kick you within 24 hours, since they must follow certain procedures before having the sheriff arrive to your home to kick you out. The landlord cannot kick you out of the place himself/herself, since that is illegal.

I hope the answer helped.

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