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Can my husband draw off of my social security

Seattle, WA |

My husband has never paid into social security but i have paid up to the maxium every year for the last 10years+. He will turn 62 in February and i wanted to know if he could draw off of my social security if i am not drawing until i am 65 years old?

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* As a spouse, you can claim a social security benefit based on your own earnings record, or you can collect a spousal benefit that will provide you 50% of the amount of your spouse’s social security benefit.
* You are automatically entitled to receive the benefit that provides you the higher monthly amount; either a benefit based on your own earnings, or the spousal benefit, and prior to reaching full retirement age, social security makes this determination for you.
* After you reach full retirement age, you can choose to receive only the spouse’s benefit, and delay receiving your retirement benefits until a later date, allowing you to receive a higher benefit later based on the effect of delayed retirement credits.
* You must be age 62 to qualify for either type of social security benefit.

* You cannot collect a spousal benefit until your spouse files for their own benefit.


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