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Can my husband adopt my daughter if the father is not on the birth certificate and I do not know who her real father is?

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My daughter is almost 4. When I got pregnant with her I didn't know who her father was so I put no father on the birth certificate. No one has filed any kind of papers for paternity, there has been no contact from anyone stating they are her biological father. My husband has been in her life since she was 1.

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  1. Contact a local adoption lawyer to help you in the process. If there is no known father, then court approval should be simple.

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  2. If the identity of the father is unknown, the adoption should not be impeded by that.

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  3. First, don't try to do an adoption on your own -- they are intricate and a wrong move can cause a lot of problems. Second, I would contact an experienced NY adoption attorney because there are a lot of questions they will have that aren't answered by your AVVO inquiry. Good luck and I hope it all works out for you and your family.

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