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Can my friend's parents be charged "Harboring a runaway" if I spent the night at their house without consent from my guardians?

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I am 17 years old and will be 18 in 3 weeks. I was kicked out of my guardians home via text messages. I kept a record of them as proof in case I need it to justify the actions of what I did. I only spent one night at my friends house and returned home the next day. I was asked to return home because a case worker got involved. The case worker told my guardian that she can press charges on my friend's parents, and now she is threatening me that she will do it out of revenge of my actions. I only haven't informed the case worker of the text messages because I know it will hurt the career of my guardian because she is in social worker services, and I wanted to avoid foster care. I have a feeling the case isn't very serious because I'm not a younger age around 14, at 17 I have more rights.

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If you have texts from your guardian kicking you out of the house, then the only other protection your friend's parents should invoke is a letter (sent certified mail, return receipt) to your legal guardian stating their understanding that the guardian kicked you out, that you're residing at their house & if they want you back, contact them. If they do this, there's little chance they can be charged with any form of "unlawful imprisonment" or some similar statute. In any event, you and/or your friend's parents are encouraged to schedule a follow-up consultation with a Bronx Family Law attorney.

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Thank you for that great feedback. I only stayed the night at my friends place and i returned home and haven't gone back to my friends place. I don't think the letter would be needed in any case? I also contacted my local police department, they said charges can be pressed only if it was a dangerous situation and if I was reported missing (which I was not reported). I am a bit paranoid but it is only because my friend's family does not deserve to have charges put against them.

David Ivan Bliven

David Ivan Bliven


Under those circumstances, I agree with the police you consulted & not the caseworker - a prosecution is very unlikely. * If you found my answer to be "HELPFUL," or the "BEST ANSWER," please feel free to mark it accordingly.


You may be able to remedy this situation before it gets out of hand. Contact a local domestic relations attorney as soon as possible.

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