Can my friend's company set a minimum price a reseller can sell a product at in NJ?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Princeton, NJ

I have a friend how owns a small company in NJ. He wants to set a minimum price that the people selling his product and any people distributing his product can sell his product at. An attorney told him that it was legal but when I googled it for him I thought it said you can do it in NJ but I didn't really understand. Can anyone help?

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  1. Answered . Under current NJ law, no. NJSA 56:4-1.1 states that any contract provision that purports to restrain a vendee of a commodity from reselling such commodity at less than the price stipulated by the vendor or producer shall not be enforceable or actionable at law. If you find this answer help please mark it as "helpful" or "best answer". Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

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