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Can my federal tax refund be levied?

Englewood, NJ |

I am having tremendous financial problems due to medical problems. I've looked into filing bankrupcy but because my Mom has a rental property in my name I was told that that's not possible. My main concern is can the government levy my federal refund for my student loans? And if they can do they do it on the sly or will I had to have already known?

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Yes, the government can levy your federal tax refund for student loans and this happens more often than you might think. So why are you continuing to overwithhold? Hope this perspective helps!



Thank you. Actually, I do NOT overwithhold. I have so many medical expenses that are not covered, so I claim them otherwise I'd OWE.So, I'd rather chance it than to owe IRS $500.00.


If you have federal loans that are in default, the government should be able to levy the refund and apply it to your default. However, if the student loans were private, the government wouldn't levy your refund, unless they were under a court order.



Thank you so much for your answer, I really appreciate your time.


A student loan borrower who is in default on his or her federal student loan may see a tax intercept. The Department of Eduction notifies the IRS and then the IRS will notify the taxpayer. At that time, there are some options to address the tax intercept before it actually become permanent. The IRS will notify the taxpayer of the options/responses available to the federal student loan borrower.

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Thanks so much. I appreciate that you took the time to respond.

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