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Can my Ex get remarried again before 30 day period after final decree has been signed by judge if he is in other country?

San Antonio, TX |

Hello. I got my certified Final Divorce Decree on March 11th, 2014. It was granted by the Judge. I had filed an Uncontested, no children divorce. I live in San Antonio, TX and my ex is in India. He wants to get remarried to a girl there in India. Does he have to wait for 30 days before he gets married to her?

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  1. Yes, he should wait or get the judge to waive the 30-day waiting period. India might give him a marriage license anyway.

    You are divorced from him, so what he does is no longer your problem.

    This answer DOES NOT establish an attorney-client relationship. This answer is based on the limited information provided and is not intended to be conclusive advice. There are likely other factors that might influence or change the advice after a more lengthy consultation.

  2. I agree wholeheartedly with the previous answer! Put him out of your mind and move on with your life. If you need some counseling to help you do that, go for it. Best of luck!

  3. He is supposed to. The reason is that you have 30 days to file a Motion for New Trial. Then he would be in a pickle of being married to two people at the same time. But you would never do that because there is no reason to, and you are a nice person, and you believe in Karma.

    This does not establish an attorney/client relationship

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