Can my ex drop charges or will the state pick up the case? If he can how does he go about doing so?

Asked 11 months ago - Las Vegas, NV

My ex started home invasion charges on me, but in no way do i think that what I did was home invasion. He is willing to drop the charges but we didn't know if the state would pick up the case or not. If he is allowed to drop charges how would he go about doing so and who would he need to speak to in order for this to take place?

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    Answered . The prosecutor will obviously be less motivated to to prove a case where the victim is not cooperating. However, it may be necessary to have thime testify depending on the facts.

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    Answered . It depends on what evidence the police obtained. If the DA has already filed charges, then it probably will not matter. Although, the DA may be more likely to plea bargain the case if the complaining witness is not cooperative. Home Invasion is a serious charge. You should consult with an attorney.

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