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Can my ex-boyfriend of 10 years force me to move out immediately if I haven't paid rent, but am on the lease?

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We are on a month-to-month lease, we were sharing a room as a couple, I have been back and forth with him since beginning of April. I moved ALL of my belongings OUT twice and BACK twice in the last three months, and this is the 2nd time that he asked me to vacate as soon as I could, but then "took it back" only when all of my stuff was packed and I had made arrangements to stay elsewhere.

I paid rent in April, moved out a week later. Paid 1/4 of rent in May, moved back in at his request 2nd week of May, then he told me to leave a week later. I didn't pay rent in June because he had a roommate who was going to move in June 1st, but he didn't so he covered it. He told me to come back and I started the moving process again on July 1st, then on July 9th says I need to move out.

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    Your boyfriend does not have the right to make you move out when you are on the lease.

    My fear is that this back and forth sounds abusive to you. If he wants you out, have him give you appropriate notice, have him take you off of the lease as of a certain date (so you are not liable for any damages or rent) and then get out and don't look back.

  2. He would need to have you removed from the lease to take away your right of possession.

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