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Can my ex boyfriend move out and take all the furniture he bought for me?

Feeding Hills, MA |
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I have texts from him saying he is buying it all for me so that I can live comfortable. But now we broke up and he says he's taking everything.

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No. Gifts are gifts, and they can't be taken back just because the 2 of you broke up. If he sues youb for the value of the furniture, your texts prove that it was a gift and not a loan that you had to repay.

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As a practical matter, it's going to be a lot easier for you if he never takes the furniture in the first place. Depending on your particular situation, it may be appropriate to deny him access to your home.

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He is on the lease. And says once the lease is up he is going to take everything in the house with him.

Daniel W. Keleher

Daniel W. Keleher


Conceivably, you could go to court to prevent him (enjoin him or restrain him) from removing the property from your house. That way, if he starts to remove the property, you could call the police, and they could help you. Depending upon your particular circumstances, such an action may not be practical.


Property given during a romantic relationship are generally considered gifts. I agree with my colleague, if your ex boyfriend has no right to be in your property, then I would keep him out. Your ex can then try to bring an action against you in an attempt to "recover" the property, but his action should fail because the 3 parts of property becoming a gift have been satisfied. Namely, intent (which can be proven by his texts), acceptance, and delivery (based on the fact that the property is in your house, these last 2 are evident as well.

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My boyfriend also. Did that but the way. He said. I buy all this for the family to enjoy and be comfotable.mine was extremely mentally verbally financial and. A couple of times slight physical mine took every little thing. He bought for us the family and for the house he is buying for us. Would get upset and actually take our access to the. Phones cable internet he woul. He did this because he needed to teach 2 girls and if. I WERE to. Write all he. Took I would have a books. We had to stay away from him until whenever he was not upset. Always. Did took all. The. Seasons exerting shampoos pots pans knives towels bedding toilet paper Basically left our clothes and mattress is. He did not say this is a present for the family. Is that. The. Same? THANKS

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