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Can my employer require me to provide a service partial or full without paying me.

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Where I work we offer clients a free 10 minute massage when they accumulate 100 minutes of massage, there are some clients that have accumulated more and when cashing in they get more then ten minutes, we used to be compensated but just recently our employer will now only be paying for the 10 minutes and anything over ten minutes we have to do for free, example: if someone does 20 minutes we are only paid for ten, if someone does 30 we are only paid for 20 and so on. The reasoning for this change is the economy.
I was informed by someone in the HR field that this is illegal and I would hate to see my employer get into any problems over this.

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This is an employment contract issue. Consult your contract of hire and any supplements. Additionally if you have a union then speak to your union representative. Legal representation is probably required in your local state.

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