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Can my employer force me to apply and use a company credit card?

Gig Harbor, WA |

My employer, who requires I travel for my job, initiated a corporate credit card program to get kickbacks. They say they will not reimburse expenses if we don't use this card. They are not paying the bill; I have all the liability, must sign a waiver that protects the company, and it affects my credit report. Can they do this?

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Many employees like using company credit card for expenses. Its great if someone else tracks and pays all the bills! Kickbacks or legitimate rebates from vendors whose bills company paid? Got to be careful alleging a crime.

But asking you to apply for credit card, secured by your credit, to pay for company expenses? Maybe if they promptly reimburse. But if employer is intentionally slow in paying and it damages your credit you may well have a claim under WA (and possibly federal) law.

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