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Can my employer change my job from salary to hourly without my consent?

Milton, PA |

I was approached by my employer of 8 years approximatly two weeks ago and asked about switching from a salried position to hourly part-time and drawing partial unemployment, OR findng another job. I stated that I would check on the unemployment end and let him know. Well, starting this week, January 3rd, 2011, he has effectively changed me from salary to hourly, cut my pay and hours by almost a third, all without my knowledge aside from the conversation two weeks ago. Is this allowed? And if I were to NOT accept this, would this be well enough grounds for full PA unemployment benefits? After said actions, amongst other reasons, i do not really wish to stay employed by this employer any longer.

Is this not considered a termination since the position and it's employee are relieved of work?

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Yes an employer change a job from salary to hourly without an employee's consent


Your employer can change you from salaried to hourly without your permission. To the extent you are working fewer hours, you can apply for partial unemployment. If you quit or refuse hours, you will not receive full unemployment.

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