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Can my doctor cut me off of my pain medication because I was convicted of a meth charge?

Silverdale, WA |

My doctor of 11 years recently cut me off of my pain medication that I have been on for 11 years because of an on the job injury. Because I took a plea bargain on a bs meth charge. I say bs because in kitsap county if you don't take the plea you end up getting f******. I served 10 days home monitoring. How can this effect my prescription pain medication?

I passed all my UA's for home monitoring. And passed one for him. He was even going to send me to a specialist in Tacoma for my elbow injury and now hes not going to do that. Can he do this?

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Your doctor can alter treatment in any legal way that he or she believes in medically necessary. It sounds like this guilty plea has led your doctor to believe that you were simply faking the injury/pain in order to get the pain pills. Hence, he took you off the meds and canceled the specialist referral. You may go to another doctor, but I'm not sure you have much legal recourse.

I am in no way giving you legal advice. This answer does not create an attorney-client relationship or otherwise imply that I have intended to form such a relationship. You should sit down and discuss your case in detail with a trained and licensed attorney in order to determine your best course of action.

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Doctors cannot be forced to treat people. Time for you to find a new treating doctor.

Good luck.

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