Can my Dad's fiance, or my boyfriend's parents, sign the abortion papers if I'm pregnant?

Asked over 1 year ago - Titusville, FL

I'm sixteen, and I might be pregnant. My boyfriend and I just started dating again a month ago, and we had unprotected sex. I am sick right now, do to a very bad case of strep throat and my period was supposed to be here yesterday. I'm not finished in highschool, and if I were to tell my parents if I got pregnant, me and my boyfriend would be dead. No joke. I'm the baby in the family, and I would be such a screw up. Nobody in my house has a job except for my Dad, my grandpa is an alcoholic, we can barely afford our food, let alone if I had a baby.
I need to get a judge signed document saying I can get this abortion without my parents knowing.

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  1. Heather Morcroft

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    Answered . In order to get the parental waiver notice you need to go to the courthouse in your county and request that they appoint an attorney for you. You DO NOT have to fill out the paperwork prior to speaking with the attorney, and you should not do so. You should ask for the attorney, and have the attorney assist you in filling out the paperwork and explaining the process to you to protect your rights and assure your confidentiality. The state will pay for your attorney, and everything will be sealed. You should speak with a trusted adult, or Planned Parenthood also in advance and have the procedure explained, get information on costs, medical risks and alternatives so that you can explain to the judge that you understand those things. You will have to go in front of the judge, but there will be no one in the courtroom but you, the trial clerk, the deputy, and your attorney. They will not call your name. Your boyfriend can go with you, and some judges will let him in to the courtroom if you want, some judges will not. You may meet some people who are not happy that this procedure is available to you, and may not be as kind or helpful as they are supposed to be. However, if you are polite and persevere, they will have to provide you with an attorney.

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  2. Inga L Stevens

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    Answered . Attorney Morcroft has provided excellent information and advice to you, and I urge you to follow the steps laid out. However, as she mentioned, the first step is to make sure you actually are pregnant. Hopefully you will not have to take her advice at all and will get on reliable birth control so that this issue does not arise in the future.

    Best wishes for a positive outcome for you.

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  3. Robert Jason De Groot


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    Answered . If, indeed, you are pregnant, you should contact Heather Morcroft and take notes of your disussion and what she has written here. Help is available for you, but the powers that be are trying to basically criminalize your right to determine your own decisions under your circumstances, and there are many people who do not think you should be able to decide what is best.

    R. Jason de Groot, Esq., 386-337-8239

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