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Can my coworker record conversations at work without anybody's consent

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I discovered my coworker has been secretly recording the conversations of everybody around her without our consent. is this legal in Colorado

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  1. Generally, yes. For phone conversations, Colorado permits recording as long as one person consents. (usually the consent is given by the person doing the recording). There are some exceptions here, even for phone calls. As for just walking around recording, again the answer is generally yes. The coworker cannot record private conversations which do not involve her. For example, she could not record a conversation between you and your spouse. There are other exceptions as well. But this is occurring at your employment where your coworkers are governed by employment policies. Of Course your employer can ask her stop and can take action if she fails to do so. You should complain to your employer. As an employer, I wouldn't permit this for two seconds.

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  2. I agree, this is something for you and your coworkers to take to the owner or manager. Why is she recording conversations? Is she being mistreated? Discriminated against? Or is she just a little off? When you complain, do so in terms the employer will care about. Do not be emotional. The employer cares about the work being done. If the problem is that the recording is making everyone so uncomfortable or nervous that they cannot concentrate on their work, the employer will care about that.

    Like many attorneys we will sit down and review your situation with you without charge.

    Your best bet is to find a good lawyer who provides advice on this kind of issue on a regular basis and review your specific facts; the lawyer will be able to give you an analysis of the law and your options.

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