Can my company pay a independent contractor via a pre-paid card?

I have a company (Record Label) and I have signed a singer (Independent Contractor) in South Carolina. I need to pay the singer for her services. So can my company get the singer a pre-paid debit card and pay her via the pre-paid debit card?

Saginaw, MI -

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Stephen Joseph Cipolla

Stephen Joseph Cipolla

Contracts / Agreements Lawyer - Jenkintown, PA

Presumably, you already have a contract with the singer that spells out the payment terms. I doubt that it says anything about the propriety of using a debit card. I think you should secure the agreement of the singer or the singer's agent to being paid this way before you go ahead and do it. And, if they agree, you need to get their agreement documented. Keep the document with your contract papers, in case there is some dispute. If they don't agree, you should pay them in accordance with the contract, or seek local legal advice if you want to push ahead with the debit card anyway.

Ezra N. Goldman

Ezra N. Goldman

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Southfield, MI

In lay terms, will she agree to it? If so, fine.

Reese Serra

Reese Serra

Contracts / Agreements Lawyer - Rochester Hills, MI

Yes, if she agrees. If not, then no. Good luck!

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