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Can my college transcripts be released to a new college if I file Chapter 7

Tucson, AZ |

I defaulted on my Stafford & Perkins loans for University of Arizona. I was a senior & ran out of money. I owe the University of Arizona 15k in Perkins & fees. My Grandma is now paying for me to go to a community college, but I have so many credits from UA that could help finish my degree at the new college, Please help

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Student loans can either be public or private, but to my knowledge the University of Arizona is not a financial institution which makes student loans. I would inquire further about the nature of the debt to the University of Arizona. Student loans are very difficult to discharge in a bankruptcy, but unpaid tuition, fees, unpaid bills at the student book exchange, and related fees are. Review this with an attorney before you file. I have successfully gotten a local university to release my client's transcripts in a similar situation.

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That is an interesting question. What the school is saying is that you owe them money and until you pay they are not going to release your transcripts because that is part of the fee you owe. I don't think a BK is going to force them to release the information, it might just make it so they cannot collect against you. The two issues are not conditioned upon the other. It is a good issue though. In 26 years of practice no one has asked this question. As far as the loans are concerned, student loans are generally not dischargable in bankruptcy so even if you filed that might not releave you of the debt.

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I agree with the other answers that the debt may not be dischargeable in bankruptcy, but you must first determine exactly what is owed and why the UofA has placed the financial hold. I suggest meeting with a member of the Bursar's Office in person. I think they take walk in appointments, or you can call them at (520) 621-3232. Get a copy of the documentation for the financial hold. They also should be helpful in telling you if they know of any other options to get your transcript released. Good luck.

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