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Can my chapter 13 trustee capture any funds from a annuity sale?

El Cajon, CA |

I want to sell part of my annuity....can my trustee take any of it?

Attorney Answers 3

  1. Did you claim it as exempt on Schedule C of your petition?

  2. As Attorney Bunce implied, if the annuity was exempt at the time of the petition, you can probably liquidate part of it during the Chapter 13 case.

    The best way to be sure, is to contact the attorney who handled your Chapter 13 and find out the attitude of the Chapter 13 trustee about such matters, and to review your Schedule C for the exemption that should exist.

    Of course, if you handled this case on your own, you are probably already in trouble since you are asking this question. In which case, I would urge you to engage a competent Chapter 13 attorney in your area pronto to review your pleadings, fix the errors, and answer this question.

    Good luck.

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