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Can my boyfriend of 5years kick me out of our home?

Elrosa, MN |

But its his company house and we are not married. The company that he works for is paying the house.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. There is not enough information in your question to give you an appropriate answer. Are you on the lease or is his name the only name on the lease? You should talk to a MN attorney to see if MN law gives you any rights about whether you have to leave or how long you have to move out.

  2. I need more info, but if your boyfriend is not on title to the property he is likely a lessee or licensee. You have also achieved lessee or licensee status by virtue of your continued tenancy in the property. As such, the MN Landlord/Tenant laws apply and you cannot be forceibly removed from the property. Only a court order can force you to move and your boyfriend (as a lessee/licensee and not owner) likely does not have the standing to bring an eviction action against you.

    If your boyfriend is on title to the property (even if his company is paying for it), he can have you removed from the home but must do so through an eviction action.