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Can my boyfriend legally throw me out of our apt that we've shared for 5 months?

Woodbury, NJ |

I've been with this guy off and on for close to 8 yrs. We have 2 children together. We moved in together 8-28-08. I had been homeless for 4 months with our 2 children before we moved in together. The only apt available was a 1 bedroom so my name and one of our son's names is not on the lease. Out of the blue 5 days ago he tells me we are done and I have until March to move out (without my children). Since then I've learned he has a new girlfriend (which I know deep down he had all along) and has filed for full custody of my children. There is a history of emotional/verbal abuse on his end and the children are deeply affected by thinking mommy has to leave and they will have to stay with him. They love their father, but as a playmate. They do not want to live with him, refer to him as Mean Daddy for how he treats the three of us. I do not want to remain with him, but I do not want to put my children through anything else. They've dealt with more than any child should over the past year. All I wanted was to stay here until school is over for my son so as not to uproot him. I have no car (he forced me to sell it), no job because of no car or childcare, and nowhere to go. Is he legally allowed to throw me out of a home we share? Thank you for your time!

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You need an attorney - immediatlely. Contact the local bar association in your county - it may be that there is a legal aid or pro bono program that can assist you.

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