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Can my boyfriend legally get the engagement ring back from a prior relationship almost a year ago?

Alabaster, AL |
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My boyfriend hasn't been able to get the engagement ring back from his prior relationship almost a year ago. He's tried calling, emailing and texting but all have failed. He finally got in contact with her yesterday (9/8/13) by phone where she stated he could possibly come by her house between 5-7p and that she'd call him back to confirm. Shocking she never called him and hasn't responded back since. He has other belongings still there but he'd at the very least like to get back the ring. Can he legally do so and how? What form(s) does he need to fill out/file, if any at all? Please help!

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This issue is still a little unclear in Alabama. The question is whether the ring was an unconditional or conditional gift, i.e. did they have to get married for the gift to become final? A lot of caselaw in the State says that if the engagement is called off before marriage, then the groom has the right to recover the ring itself or the value of the ring, meaning the gift was conditional on getting married. I would certainly talk to a local attorney as it seems your boyfriend may have reason to file suit. If the value of the ring is less than 10k, I would advise filing in District Court as it is usually faster and cheaper there.

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