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Can my boyfriend and I get custody of his daughter

Westchester, IL |

The mother of my boyfriend's 2 children has full custody, but it is an increasingly abusive home. The 16 yr old son is ok and is rarely home, but the 11 yr old daughter is in a terrible situation. I am a 37 yr old professional woman with my own home and spare bedroom (s). My boyfriend "lives" here but he is only home a couple times per month due to his job. I can't bear to watch this anymore. Is there any way I can (or maybe through my boyfriend) can get her out of that home and with me where she can be safe.

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You have no standing to seek custody of the child. If you were to marry your boyfriend, he might have a chance, but if he is gone as much as you say, it will be difficult. Your boyfriend really needs to discuss the child's situation with an experienced family law practitioner.



Thanks! I'll talk to him about this. He's in this weekend.


you cannot get custody nor visits. he can but he is not home much. so how could he have custody, most of the parenting time, if he is not there? difficult to do.

he should take all his court papers to a lawyer for a consultation.



Thank you! I'll let him know. Hard to watch and do nothing, figured my hands were tied, but worth asking! He has some hope maybe, he is planning to talk to a lawyer asap so we'll see if anything can be done.


Your boyfriend must take action. He should consult with a familly law attorney and discuss this in greater detail. If there is abuse he should probably seek an Order of Protection for the children ASAP. Until he gets home he can have the police do wellness checks on the children and stay in contact with their teachers.

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