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Can my boss call me at home?

Wellsville, NY |

My boss called me yesterday morning and for 10 minutes she preceded to yell at me. Before I could even get the chance to say 2 words to defend myself she hung up. Are they allowed to call you while you are not at work to yell at you? Or are they supposed to call you and ask you to come in?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. I do not think there is a law that covers this question specifically. An employer can call you at home. the subject matter of the conversation may or may not be covered by a labor or employment law, but that is not the basis of your question.

  2. Assuming that your boss is not calling to harass you for an illegal purpose, I don't see any legal recourse for you. For instance, if your boss is not calling to harass you based on your gender, religion, race, or other protected characteristic, her conduct most likely does not constitute illegal "harassment" under federal anti-harassment law.

    In other words, I'm sad to say, your boss is free to be a jerk to you, as long as she isn't doing so for an illegal purpose.

    PLEASE NOTE: This response is for educational purposes only and given by a California-licensed attorney.

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