Can my Bond be revoked after I attend court (arraignment)?

It took about 1 month from the day I got out of jail to go to my arraignment. I was assigned probation. I'm curious to know; if I went to court like I agreed to the bail bondsman I would- Can they still revoke my bond? I know that the court can but I was wondering if the bondsman can still even though I attended court. I hope this question is clearly stated to you all. Thank you so much. -Amber

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Attorney Answers (2)

Mark H Randall

Mark H Randall

Criminal Defense Attorney - Longwood, FL

Amber! Sometimes people have issues with their bailbondsman (usually over financial issues). The can "go off the bond." Then you are back in jail. Also sometimes their are travel and living issues. Best keep your bondsman content.

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Amber Hill

Amber Hill

Criminal Defense Attorney - Saint Petersburg, FL

So long as you are adhering to the conditions of your bond, your bondsman should not revoke your bond.

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