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Can my legal guardian claim me for tax purpose for instate tuition?

Leesville, LA |
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So i am 17 years old high school junior, live in Louisiana with my parents now, and i am thinking about to live with my aunt who lives in Texas to get Instate tuition.. My question is if the court appointed my aunt as my legal guardian, can she claim me as dependent for taxes? i went to college website and it says if my parent or legal guardian claim me as dependent for taxes, i can pay instate tuition. Though My parent claimed me as dependent for 2013 taxes, can my aunt still claim me for 2014 taxes? or do i get a trouble for that.. Please help me out, i need to find a way to get instate tuition.

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You need to check the state specific laws in the state you want in state tuition for. The state might use federal tax filings as an indicator of your state of residence (ie what state the person claimed you as a dependent was from). Contact the particular institution you want to attend and see what you need to do to become a resident of that state for tuition purposes.

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