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Can my ex husband deny me visitation to punish the kids

Streamwood, IL |

My ex husband refuses to let me speak to my kids on the phone so I bought my daugher a cell phone so we can talk and my ex husband found out and is refusing to let me have her on my scheduled visitation. He said he is grounding her from me.
Can he keep me from having any contact except on visitation days?
Can he ground my kids from me and deny my visitation?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. If you have court ordered visitation your ex husband is bound by the authority of the court to follow it.

    Immediately, take written proof by petition to the judge to enforce the order and seek sanctions.

    He can, as custodial parent, decide that a cell phone is not a proper thing for your daughter.

  2. Your ex-husband cannot deny your court-ordered visitation rights as a punishment toward your children. If he denies your rights you must file a Petition for Rule to Show Cause with the Court and ask that he be held in contempt for wilfully failing to comply with the Court's Order/Judgment.

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