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Can mechanic keep my car and put a lien on it if the work they did was not physically signed by me, owner, at any time

Bradenton, FL |

Refusing to give me a bill or anything in writing unless I pay them and sign it. Holding my car charging $25 a day refusing to give me a bill or my car

They did work I did not sign for now wont give me my car and amunt has doubled.

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It depends on the circumstances surrounding how the mechanic came to do work on your car. You should seek the counsel of a litigation attorney in your area to represent you in connection with this matter.

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Under the Motor Vehicle Act, a mechanic must give you a written estimate prior to the work or you can waive this requirement by signing it away. If the mechanic's repair cost goes above the initial estimate, then he must give you notice and you can agree to the additional cost or decline. Depending on the facts of your case, you have certain rights. Consult with a consumer fraud attorney ASAP to determine your course of action against the repair shop.

The hiring of an attorney is an important decision that you should undertake with careful considerations. The use of Avvo, Inc.'s question and answer forum is only to provide general information and in no way forms an attorney-client relationship between the you and the attorney answering your question.

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