Can landlords scream and act threatening against tenant?

I am planning to move out next month. My landlord wanted to show the apartment, and previously told me via email that he would give me a day's notice. I work the night shift, so I normally sleep during the morning & he tried to contact me via email and phone (which had accidentally died during the night) to tell me he wanted to show the property TODAY. Which I would have been fine with if he hadn't banged on my door, stuck a finger in my face, and started to SCREAM at me for not "cooperating." Just because I hadn't answered my phone. When I asked him to stop screaming because he was scaring me, he only screamed at me more and literally made me cry. He then proceeded to call me "hysterical" because he scared me to the point of tears. Is this legal, or harassment?

Providence, RI -

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Jonathan Whaley

Jonathan Whaley

Litigation Lawyer - Warwick, RI

It would only be harassment this behavior was a continuous course of conduct. From the information you have provided, it sounds like this was a one time occurrence. That being said, he may have breached one or more of the terms of your lease, which may give you the right to terminate it. I can't say whether or not that has definitely occurred without reviewing your lease. Either way, it sounds like you are about to move out anyway and pursuing any action related to this would likely be a waste of time and money.

Neville Joseph Bedford

Neville Joseph Bedford

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Providence, RI

Keep your cell phone charged. Hopefully your next landlord will not be a screamer. Check their references to be sure this does not happen again.

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